​​​Our Service Offering

We oversee the overall funds and benefits administration, compliance, enforcement and exemption of the various Collective Agreements that govern the NBCRFLI.

Here is a breakdown of the functions of the various units within the organisation:

Funds Administration

Through our Funds Administration department, we effectively and efficiently process all funds on behalf of the NBCRFLI. This includes annual leave, sick leave and 13th cheque funds.

Agreement Administration

Agreement Administration trains Council staff members and stakeholders to understand, interpret and apply Collective Agreements and the rules pertaining to Collective Agreements, including the provisions of the Council’s Constitution. Where necessary, this section also re-drafts Collective Agreements and is involved with annual wage negotiations.

Returns Control

The Returns Control section maintains strict control over non-compliance of monthly levy contributions. This involves the identification of non-compliant companies as well as the conciliation of agreement contraventions.


This section deals with the arbitrations of agreement contraventions, such as the enforcement of invoices and late payments per levy number.


A key role played by the Council includes ensuring compliance and enforcement of the Collective Agreements within the road freight and logistics industry. To this end, the Council makes great efforts to ensure that all who fall under its jurisdiction are registered and therefore conducts pro-active educational inspections on an ongoing basis.


The Litigation section keeps a strict control over non-compliance in general. This includes reviewing post arbitration agreement contravention cases as well as demarcation cases.


The Exemptions section deals with all applications for exemptions from the provisions of Collective Agreements. The exemption applications from both parties and non-parties to the Council are heard by the Independent Exemptions Body.

Disputes Resolution

The Disputes Resolution section ensures that Disputes Resolutions are resolved timeously in order to maintain industrial peace within the industry. The disputes typically involve unfair dismissal and unfair labour practices.

Trade Union and Employers Organisation Membership

This section administratively supports trade union members as well as the Road Freight Association (RFA). It also oversees the administration of agency shop fees as well as recruitment-related matters.

Wellness Services

Trucking Wellness

At present, Trucking Wellness has 22 Roadside Wellness Centres complemented by a fleet of Mobile Wellness Centres. These centres are situated along all the South African major routes and operate mostly at night, which is the most convenient and accessible time for long-distance truck drivers.

The Wellness Centres are staffed by registered nurses and counsellors who provide holistic medical and emotional support to drivers, their partners and commercial sex-workers.

The Trucking Wellness programme has been recognised by the Departments of Transport and Health as playing a vital role in creating awareness of HIV and Aids, as well as sexually transmitted infections.


The national prevalence of HIV&AIDS is estimated at 12%. Trucking Wellness provides anti-retroviral treatment, education and training to road freight and logistics industry employees who fall within the Council's registered scope.

Wellness Fund Health Plan

In the interest of the well-being of the road freight and logistics workforce, the NBCRFLI launched the new NBCRFLI Wellness Fund Health Plan on the 1st July 2011. The Health Plan is available to all active NBCRFLI members who are contributing to the Wellness Fund and meet the stipulated eligibility criteria.

The NBCRFLI Wellness Fund Health Plan entitles Eligible Principal Members, together with up to two eligible spouses per main member, to certain medical benefits. Click here for more details.