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Refinement of the NBCRFLI Health Plan Benefits

The NBCRFLI together with its Health Plan service provider, Affinity Health, are pleased to announce the refinement of the Health Plan in terms of the benefits provided. The two companies have been working closely together to identify members' specific needs, thereby making the plan more focused on precisely what our members require. As a result, the Health Plan is now tailor-made, based on the benefits recognised as vitally important, at the same cost to members. These amended benefits came into effect on 1 March 2017. 

These include the following:

Medical Society- unlimited visits and acute medication at one of the Medical Society facilities.
GP Consultations- Unlimited GP visits. Pre-authorization is required from the 6th visit in a one year cycle. If a member is within a 20km radius of any Medical Society facility, a member is required to make use of that facility.
Telephonic Medical Consulting Hotline- unlimited telephonic medical consultations.
Radiology and Pathology- this is linked to GP consultations as you need to be referred by a doctor for this benefit.
Acute Medication and Nutraceuticals- maximum of R1000 for every 12 months.
Chronic Medication- subject to formulary reference pricing as approved by Affinity Health. You must be registered as a chronic member in order to obtain this benefit.
Chronic Disease Management- available for members who are registered for chronic medication.
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - available by phoning the number provided on the membership card. If another service provider is used, costs may not be covered if deemed not an emergency. This benefit includes repatriation of mortal remains if death occurs away from normal place of residence.
Hospital Accident Benefit- covered if admitted due to an accident up to the maximum amount of R75 000 per incident.
Funeral Assistance Benefit- funeral assistance benefit of R10 000 is payable in the event of the death of an eligible member.
Optometry Services- screening and referral if a pair of spectacles is needed are available at one of the Medical Society facilities, for a member who is within 20km of the facility. Members who cannot be screened at a Medical Society clinic need to contact Affinity Health call center on 0861 00 11 31 to be included on a waiting list, after which an eye test will be set up at a network provider convenient for the member.
HIV Treatment- this remains in the good hands of CareWorks.

All benefits will cover the eligible member and 2 eligible souses. Eligible children are covered in emergency medical services and hospital accident benefit. Note, eligible spouses and eligible children are excluded from funeral assistance benefit and optometry services.

Should you have any queries regarding your membership or require a copy of the full product guide, please contact Affinity Health on 0861 00 11 31 or email at You can also send a "please call me" to 079 409 1834 and Affinity Health will call you back. For more information on the Medical Society facilities, please feel free to contact one of the branches provided on the attached list.

Health Plan Benefits Brochure

The Medical Society Brochure

The Medical SocietContact List