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Please note that the new Health Plan contact details (as of 1 January 2015) are as follows:

Affinity Health call centre: 0861 00 11 31

Email: info@nbcrflihealth.co.za

You can also send a "please call me" to 079 409 1834 and Affinity Health will call you back.

Fees and Interest schedule applicable as from 1 March 2015

Please be advised that in terms of the provisions of clauses 71 - Enforcement of Agreement and 72 – Interest of the NBCRFLI Main Collective Agreement, the following fees and interest will be levied from 1 March 2015 against employers who contravene the provisions of the Council’s Collective Agreements.

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Wellness Fund Minimum Contributions

Please be advised that Council has resolved that the Wellness Fund Health Plan (basic medical insurance) will only cover employees whose monthly contributions towards the Wellness Fund (together with the employers portion) is at least R 79.12 effective 01 April 2015.

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Registration and particulars to be furnished by employers

As you may be aware clause 45 of Council's Main Collective Agreement provides for the registration of employers with the Council.

Sub-clause 45 (5) provides that every registered employer must notify the Council within 30 days,in writing,of any changes in the particulars furnished by him or her on registration.As an employer you are requested to comply with the provisions of sub-clause 4(45) by notifying Council of any changes within the prescribed 30 day period in respect of your registration information.

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New Weekly Minimum Wages and Across the Board Increases

Please be advised that the minimum wages in respect of employees for whom minimum wages are prescribed in Schedule 5 of the Main Collective Agreement have been increased from 1 March 2015.

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Improved NBCRFLI Health Plan Benefits under New Service Provider

The National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new service provider, Affinity Health, for its Wellness Fund Health Plan. This appointment, which came into effect on 1 January 2015, means that all eligible NBCRFLI employee members will receive even better benefits and health services.

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Load shedding schedule

Due to a high demand or urgent maintenance being performed at certain power stations, Eskom has announced that it has moved from Stage 1 load shedding to Stage 2 in some areas,which may affect affect our operations across the country.

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Amended Labour Relations Act

Click here for more on the Amended Labour Relations Act,which came into effect on the 1 January 2015.

New NBCRFLI National Secretary: Mr Musa Ndlovu

2014 Annual Report now available for viewing